Author’s Update 9.5.17

It’s the first Tuesday! Time for an Author’s Update:

1. I released my new coloring book, Secret Beasts of the Realm Part 1.

2. We’re making continual progress on one of the most unique RPGs ever, tentatively entitled Warriors of the Realm. It should be ready by end of Q1 2018. We’ll be doing more beta testing between now and then so I’ll be calling on some fans to help us out!

3. I’m going to be back in Iowa for the ICON event, September 29th through October 1st.
I’ll be signing books, leading panels, doing mentoring workshops and more. Meet me there!

Author Update 6.6.17

Hey there! As you know, the first Tuesday of every month is when I publish my Author Updates.

  1. RPG – I’m creating a Role Playing Game based on the world of The Realm. Check out our first Alpha Test of that game right here.

2¬† Comics – I’m working on several comics based on the world of The Realm. I’ll keep you posted on when they will be out.

3 Wayward Pines – I’m working on the sequel to my Wayward Pines:Survival book.