Award: Authors Talk About It (4 Stars)

Lucifer: Soldiers, Serpents and Sin – Book 1 got reviewed by Authors Talk About It, and they gave it four stars in their 2016 Book Awards contest! They said:

Lucifer: Soldiers, Serpents, and Sin, penned by David Taylor II, is a fantastical twist on the well-known tale of the angel-turned-devil, Lucifer. Its first installment, A Clash of Lightning and Thunder, the reader is carried on a journey from the perspective of Lucifer himself through his creation, rise to glory and, ultimately, his rebellion. Despite its biblical themes and characters, this story is told from beneath a cloak of science fiction, placing a creative and unique spin on one of the most widely known stories from the Bible. 
Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of Lucifer is its originality.

Although its roots are biblical in nature, David Taylor II’s writing style is quite different from what one might expect. At times, it is casual and humorous (who knew that the angels called each other “bro” and invented peanut butter?), while at others, it is more serious and complex. The level of detail and ingenuity that went into the general plot was fascinating. 

Read the full review HERE. (scroll down until you find it)

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