Author’s Update 2.6.18

It’s the first Tuesday! Time for an Author’s Update:

1) The FREE BETA VERSION of Soldiers & Serpents is here. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.
It’s the tabletop RPG based on my best selling novel series, Lucifer: Soldiers, Serpents and Sin.
You can play as your favorite characters from the book, and use lightside and darkside powers on every mission. You’ll love it!

2) I’m appearing at Capricon 38!
February 15th -18th
The Westin Chicago North Shore
Wheeling, IL 60090

Creating Imaginary Races doesn’t Erase Racism
Botanic Garden Ballroom B Fri 11:30 AM

Evolution of the Comic Book Movie
Botanic Garden Ballroom B Fri 1:00 PM

Talking Tropes
Botanic Garden Ballroom A Sat 10:00 AM

River Ballroom C Sat 11:30 AM

Autographing Session
Autograph Table Sat 1:00 PM

Stop by any of those events. Or all of them!

Author’s Update 1.2.18

It’s the first Tuesday! Time for an Author’s Update:


Basically I’ve been writing, writing, writing! Trying to get so many sequels and games out. I should have at least one new book launch next month (February 2018).  Stay tuned and watch this space!


#FlashChat: for fans of The Flash

The Flash, #FlashChat

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Then join us on Twitter every Tuesday at 1:00 PM for #FlashChat, Thee Fastest Hour on the Internet!

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3) Be civil. This is not a place to bash others because they have differing opinions.

Come on and join us as we discuss the most popular superhero show on TV right now. Join #FlashChat on Tuesdays!

Author’s Update 11.7.17

It’s the first Tuesday! Time for an Author’s Update:

Sorry I was so late getting this one out. November has been and will be a busy month!

1) I was a vendor at WindyCon for the first time, and it was awesome. Very few things I love more than hanging around my Geek Peeps! Lots of new friends, new fans, it was a great time.

2) I’m going to be on TV! I’m going to be interviewed on the WLS Morning show on Saturday, November 25th at around 6:00 am. They’re going to be talking to me about the con that weekend and my book, Lucifer: Soldiers, Serpents and Sin. So excited!

3) I’m a vendor and a speaker at Chicago Pop Culture Con. I’ll be speaking on Comic Book movies on Sunday, November 26th at 11 am. I’ll also have a vendor booth for signings. Stop on by!

Lots of great things happening. There’s more too, but I’ll save that for next time. Watch this space!


Author’s Update 10.3.17

It’s the first Tuesday! Time for an Author’s Update:

The biggest recent news was of course, ICON 42. It’s the biggest Sci-Fi and Fantasy convention in Iowa, and this year I was a vendor and a panelist. It was SO much fun.

I did three of the Young Writer’s Workshop panels, helping teens get started on their journey to becoming authors.

I did three panels during the Con, helping with publishing paths and character development. It was so great. I totally encourage you to check out ICON 43 next year. Here are some links from this year’s event, enjoy!

Barnes & Noble

ICON 42 Vendor’s Room


Author’s Update 9.5.17

It’s the first Tuesday! Time for an Author’s Update:

1. I released my new coloring book, Secret Beasts of the Realm Part 1.

2. We’re making continual progress on one of the most unique RPGs ever, tentatively entitled Warriors of the Realm. It should be ready by end of Q1 2018. We’ll be doing more beta testing between now and then so I’ll be calling on some fans to help us out!

3. I’m going to be back in Iowa for the ICON event, September 29th through October 1st.
I’ll be signing books, leading panels, doing mentoring workshops and more. Meet me there!

Author Update 6.6.17

Hey there! As you know, the first Tuesday of every month is when I publish my Author Updates.

  1. RPG – I’m creating a Role Playing Game based on the world of The Realm. Check out our first Alpha Test of that game right here.

2  Comics – I’m working on several comics based on the world of The Realm. I’ll keep you posted on when they will be out.

3 Wayward Pines – I’m working on the sequel to my Wayward Pines:Survival book.



Author Update 5.2.17

Hey there boys n’ girls. As you know, the first Tuesday of every month is Author Update time where I let you know more of what I’m doing. Because it’s always a lot of stuff going on ‘roun here.

I’m developing the RPG, tentatively titled Warriors of The Realm. It’s based on my Realm series.